Dhangadhi FC Dream League Soccer Kits and Logo 2021
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Dhangadhi FC Dream League Soccer Kits and Logo 2021

Dhangadhi FC is a Nepalese professional franchise football club that plays in Nepal's top-flight franchise football league Nepal Super League (NSL). DFC was the runners-up of the first edition of Nepal Super League 2021. You can now play Dream League Soccer 21 (DLS) in Dhangadhi FC Jersey and use DFC club emblem (logo). We have created DLS kit and club emblem of DFC for fans who can simply copy and paste the jersey and club emblem link that is given below. You can share this news and link with your friends who enjoy playing Dream League Soccer.

Dhangadhi FC Dream League Kit

Steps to Import Kit:

(You can also watch the Video included and the end of this post to be more clear).
  1. Copy the kit and logo link from below.
  2. Open DLS 21 and go to edit kit.
  3. Click on edit kit menu >> edit kit >> custom kit and paste the copied link and then confirm to import kit. (to enable the custom kit button you need to send 175 gems which can be collected during match play)

DFC Kit And Logo Links:

DFC Club Emblem

DFC Blue Jersey

DFC Yellow Jersey

DFC Green GK jersey

DFC Black GK Jersey

Details About Dhangadhi FC

  • Full Name: Dhangadhi Football Club
  • Short Name: DFC
  • League: Nepal Super League
  • Founded Date: 2078 B.S.(2021 A.D.)
  • Owner: Go Dreamers Pvt. Ltd.
  • Chairperson: Subash Shahi
  • Season : 2021 (second position, NSL 2021)

Video Guide for Importing Kit and Logo

Share this DFC DLS kit with your friends too. Enjoy! Flourish Nepali Football, Let's rock Nepali Football :)


P.S.: We have made the club kit and emblem just for entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement intended. Dream League Soccer is a free mobile game series available for Android and IOS Devices. The game is launched for Soccer lovers. It gives one the freedom to edit the team's kit, the logo accordingly.

 Successfully Copied!!!

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