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Tales of Gurkhas Bravery and Honesty - That Will Swell Your Heart With Pride

Some of the great Stories That Prove Gurkhas Are the Fiercest Fighters on the Planet

The term Gurkha (Gorkha/Gurkha) is derived from the Hindu warrior ‘Guru Gorakhnath’. Gurkhas the fearless fighters naturally born tough and aggressive in battle are not only the best fighters in the planet but also are graciousness, loyal, courage, hardworking and all these qualities makes these warriors on the top of the list. Moreover, self sufficient, physically strong and resilient makes a complete Gurkhas warrior.
Tales of Gurkhas Bravery and Honesty, Know who are Gurkhas and their bravery stories
The Gurkhas
The Gurkhas came in to the limelight when they first easily defeated British East India Company. Suffering immense casualties, the British forces were eager to sign a hasty peace treaty. A soldier even noted in his memoirs: "I never saw more steadiness or bravery exhibited in my life. Run they would not, and of death they seemed to have no fear."

The Gurkha regiments served in many countries like Burma | Afghanistan | the North-East and North-West Frontiers of India | Malta (The Russo-Turkish War 1877-78) | Cyprus | Malaya | China (the Boxer rebellion of 1900| Tibet and in many other countries. Gurkhas the most skilled and fiercest warriors have fought in several wars, including World War I and World War II and the Falklands war. Gurkha Military has earned a great respect and has always been on the top of the list in recruitment for Military force in the world. They have been awarded with several bravery awards and rewards. Since 1856 the Bridge of Gurkhas has received 26 Victoria Crosses, Out of which 13 VC has been awarded to Nepalese Gurkhas and rest of others to the British Officials. Till the date many of the Gurkhas soldiers have been awarded with various rewards every years.
The Gurkhas or Gorkha victoria cross
Gurkhas and Victoria Cross

These ‘fearless fighters’ earned great respect that helped them gain a significant place in their force, namely, Indian Army’s Gorkha regiments and the British Army’s Brigade of Gurkhas. Every year thousands of young Nepalese men mostly from the Magar, Gurung, Rai, Limbu and Sunwar community compete for being among these warriors. Among them only few of the can get chance to be in the list of 'fearless fighters'.


"If only I had Gurkhas , no armies in the world will defeat me." -Adolf Hitler

“If a man says he is not afraid of dying, he is either lying or he is a Gurkha.”- Former Chief of staff of the Indian Army, Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw

One Pakistani General said " if i had Gurkhas on my side, i will have my dinner in New Delhi"

Talking about the stories of there bravery and courage is just endless.


They can take down tanks and fight battalions single-handedly.

Legend has it that once a Gurkha unsheathes his kukri, he must draw blood with it. When a Gurkha unsheathes his weapon in a non combative situation, he must then nick himself to satisfy the "blood thirst" of the blade.

With a motto that says, "Kaphar hunnu bhanda marnu ramro" — "Better dead than live like a coward" — Gurkhas are known to be brutal in battle, but they can also be charming and delightfully childish in peace.

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Anushka Shrestha wins the title of Miss Nepal World 2019

 Anushka Shrestha crowned 24th Miss Nepal World 2019
Anushka Shrestha Miss Nepal World 2019 Winner

Anushka Shrestha beats 24 other contestants to win the Miss Nepal World 2019 held at Laboratory School, Kirtipur on Thursday. Miss Nepal World 2018 Shrinkhala Khatiwada handed over the crown to Anushka Shrestha. Likewise, Rose Lama won the Miss Nepal Supranational, Meera Kakshapati crowned the Miss Nepal International 2019 where as Riya Basnet crowned the Miss Nepal Earth 2019 and Miss Nepal Universe 2019 is Pradeepta Adhikari.

Other sub-titles were awarded to:

Miss Best Athlete: Pradipta Adhikari

Miss confident: Nisha Pathak

Miss Popular Choice: Riya Basnet

Miss Talent 2019: Pradipta Adhikari

Miss Fascino: Anushka Shrestha

Beauty with the Purpose: Nitika Karmachayra

Congratulations to everyone.

List of Miss Nepal from 1994-2017

Ruby Rana-1994

Sumi Khadka-1995

Poonam Ghimire-1996

Neelima Gurung-1997 (Miss Nepal)

Jharana Bajracharya-1997 (Miss World Nepal)

Niru Shrestha-1998

Shweta Singh-1999

Usha Khadgi-2000

Malvika Subba-2002

Priti Sitaula-2003

Payal Shakya-2004

Sugarika KC-2005

Sitasma Chand-2007

Zenisha Moktan-2009

Sadichha Shrestha-2010

Malina Joshi-2011

Shristi Shrestha-2012

Ishani Shrestha-2013

Subin Limbu-2014

Evana Manandhar-2015

Asmee Shrestha-2016

Nitika Chandak-2017

Shrinkhala Khatiwada-2018

Anushka Shrestha-2019

Sabitra Bhandari Hat-trick in Indian Women’s League | (With Video Highlight )

Sabitra Bhandari Hat-trick Inspire Setu FC win against Manipur police sports
AIFF Media Team
Sethu FC defeated Manipur Police in a thrilling 10 goals contest by 6-4 on Hero Indian Women’s League 2019 season. Sabitra Bhandari still the show as scoring four goals with the first half ot the game. Sabitra Bhandari aka Samba managed to sore her first goal on 26th second which was the fastest goal of the Hero Indian Women’s League 2019 season. Sabitra Bhandari scored her second goal on 16 minutes and was able to complete her hat-trick in 34th minutes. She scored 4th goal in the 45+3 minutes.

See video

Sabitra Bhandari was declared the Player of the Match and received Rs. 8,000.

Another Nepal international Anita Basnet is also playing for Sethu Fc in the Hero Indian Women’s League 2019 season. This is the first time that any Nepalese players are playing in any professional league in foreign land. Dangmei Grace scored the rest of the goal in 67’and 75’ for Sethu FC. And for Manipur Police SC Sowmiya o.g. 22’, Bala Devi 41, 90+1, Pramodini Chanu 64 scored the goal.

Nepal To Play Friendly Against Chinese Taipei On June 6

Nepal will play against Chinese Taipei in a international football friendly on 6th of June 2019. GoalNepal on it's website confirm this friendly match stating that Asian Football Confederation (AFC) has approved the request of Chinese Taipei to play a friendly match against Nepal. However, ANFA has not revealed any update regarding this friendly match.

Nepal To Play Friendly Against Chinese Taipei On June 6

Nepal has already played two friendly matches against Kuwait under newly appointed head coach Johan Kalin where Nepal lost both friendlies. Nepal vs Chinese Taipei will be the Nepal's third match under Kalin's coaching. Chinese Taipei the strong opponent ranks 125th position in FIFA ranking where as Nepal are currently ranked 161.

Nepal is busy for the preparation for second round of FIFA World Cup Qualification 2022 and AFC Asian Cup 2023 Qualifiers. Taking this in consideration Kalin has a huge long term preparation strategy and also has planned for as many friendlies as possible in near future. You can watch the live update and live streaming of the match here. Keep in touch with us for the Nepal vs Chinese Taipei live streaming.

PS. Nepal managed to remain inside top 34 in Asian Ranking so was able to made it to the second round of FIFA World Cup Qualification 2022. This is the second time Nepal competing in the second round. Earlier Nepal played in second round back in FIFA World Cup 2014 qualifiers defeating Timor Leste in the first round.

How to Create 3D Photos for Facebook with Photoshop (With Video Tutorial)

This blog includes about how to create popular 3D photo for your Facebook posts from any photos you want. Initially, only portrait mode pictures were used to create this 3D photos for Facebook but now we can apply this to any photo with the help of simple and easy Photoshop skill. All you need to do is to create a good depth map, save it and upload them to Facebook.
How to Create 3D Facebook photos with Photoshop
So let's begin in detail.
First of all you need to do is open the image on Photoshop, cut out your photo properly so that the final 3D effect on Facebook looks neat and clean. After that you need to create depth maps of the photo. And while creating depth maps use gradients for your backgrounds instead of a solid colour. Otherwise the image looks flat and might get weird patches on the photo. Remember the better the depth map the better will be the final outcome. (For more details follow the below video tutorial on YouTube.)
How to Create 3D Facebook photos with Photoshop Lastly, the most "IMPORTANT" thing to keep in mind is while saving the image. Make sure that you name your depth maps exactly the same as the original image name with the "_depth" as a suffix.
For example:
Your original image name is "Yourimagename.jpg" THEN
Depth map most be named and saved as "Yourimagename_depth.jpg".
Moreover, you need to save the depth map of the image exactly in the original image format. The image format can be any i.e png, jpg or any.

And that's done. It works fine and I hope you learn something from this blog. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to ask me in comment section below.

Video Tutorial on How to Create 3D Facebook photos with Photoshop

Live : Nepal Vs Kuwait International Friendly, 21 March

Nepal will play against Kuwait on 21st March at Alshabab Stadium, Kuwait. Nepal will face Kuwait after 19 years of gap.You can watch the match Live Below.
Nepal vs Kuwait , Live : Nepal Vs Kuwait  International Friendly, 21 March, Fifa friendly match
Nepal vs Kuwait
Nepal Vs Kuwait

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