12 Reasons To Visit Nepal On Your Vacation
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12 Reasons To Visit Nepal On Your Vacation

Nepal is a small country that lies in the southern part of Asia with a area of 147,181 sq. km (56,827 sq. mi). It bridge two domineering land masses of the World China and India. Nepal is also called a paradise on earth as it has been truly a god’s playground with stunning mountains, lakes and natural beauties. Nepal is proud with it's history and of course blessed with the "Gurkha's soldier". There is a lot more to Nepal than the land of birth place of Gautam Buddha, land of highest Mountains and Himalayas, from its diverse ethnicity to rich culture and from awe-inspiring natural beauty to the rarest species this landlocked country is full of fascinating facts. Even the most jaded traveler's feet will start to itch again, if s/he learns about Nepal and its beauty. How about you?? :) Here we are listing the most interesting facts about Nepal. P.S: The most interesting fact about Nepal is that all of the following happens within the limited area of 147,181 sq. km (56,827 sq. mi). ;)

12. Land of highest Mountains and Himalayas: Highest mountain of the world, The Mount Everest kisses the sky at 8,848 m. Everest is called as Sagarmatha in the local language which means “Forehead of the Sky”. Similarly, the local Sherpa love to call Everest as Chomolungma, which means “Goddess Mother of the World”. It is named Everest after George Everest, a British surveyor general of the Himalayas. Moreover,there are more than 250 peaks over 20,000 ft (6096 m) above sea level.
11. Nepal has 8 highest mountains out of the world’s 10 highest mountains:
  • 1. Mount Everest 8848m – the world´s highest mountain above sea level
  • 2. Kangchenjunga 8586m – 3rd highest peak on Earth
  • 3. Lhotse 8516m – 4th highest
  • 4. Makalu 8462m – 5th highest
  • 5. Cho Oyu 8201m – 6th highest
  • 6. Dhaulagiri 8167m – 7th highest
  • 7. Manaslu 8163m – 8th highest
  • 8. Annapurna 8091m – 10th highest
Note: The 2nd and 9th highest mountains are from Pakistan i.e Mount K2 (8611m) and Nanga Parbat (8125m) respectively.
10. Nepal has the most extreme places on the Earth: The highest valley on earth (Arun valley) The tallest grassland in the world in Chitwan. The deepest gorges (1200 meter) in Kaligandaki The highest lake on the earth (Tilicho 4800 meters)
9. Nepal is the birth place of the Gautam Buddha: Siddhartha Gautam (Buddha), the light of Asia was born in Kapilvastu, Lumbini, Nepal. Lumbini is famous Buddhist pilgrimage site (150 m above the sea level) in Terai Region, which is 188 miles southwest of Kathmandu. The UNESCO enlisted cultural heritage site in 1997.
8. Nepal has the only living goddess in the world i.e Kumari: Kumari the best known is the Royal Kumari of Kathmandu is the tradition of worshiping young pre-pubescent girls. She is selected from the Shakya caste or Bajracharya clan of the Nepalese Newari community. The word Kumari means young unmarried girls in Nepali. They retire upon puberty.
7. Nepal never was under any foreign evasion: Nepal is proud with its history and of course blessed with the "Gurkha's soldier", the best warriors of the world. Because of their bravery Nepal was never a colony of any empire. So,the Nepalese calendar lacks the independent day on its calendar. Gurkhas took part in the first and Second World War. They fought the Tibet and Anglo-War in Medieval time. Nepal has remained a separate, sovereign kingdom and proudly stays with head high till the date.
6. Nepal has over 92 ethnic groups and 135+ languages spoken: Nepal is a common garden of different castes and ethnic groups where people have lived in perfect harmony and peace for centuries. It is a multi- inequality, multi- ethnicity and religious-diversity country. In short, Nepal is a country where art, culture and religion are a part of life. The most interesting thing about Nepal is that they practice different religions, culture, and traditions but has never been any conflicts regarding religion. Vijaya Dashami, Deepawali, Buddha Purnima, Lhosar, Christmas etc are among some of the greatest festivals celebrated in Nepal. All these festivals are a living part of their rich cultural heritage. Moreover, Festivals have brought unity in the evident diversity that exists in Nepal. The major caste people living in Nepal are Brahman, Chhetri, Chepang, Gurung, Kami, Limbu, Muslim, Magar, Newar, Rai, Raute, Sherpa, Tharu, Thakuri, Thakali, Tamang, Yadav and so on.
5. Religion practiced in Nepal: The size of population of Nepal according to the latest population census 2068(2011) is 2,36,93,378. Among them 1,29,27,431 and 1,36,93,378 numbers of people are male and female respectively. [Source: Wikipedia (2011)] Hinduism 81.3% Buddhism 9% Islam at 4.4% Kiratism 3.1% Christianity 1.4% Animism 0.4%
4. Nepal is the only country with a triangular flag with the sun and the moon on it: Nepal is the only country in the world that does not have a rectangular national flag. The background is crimson and the border a dark blue. The upper triangular segment consists of a white moon emitting eight rays whereas the lower triangular segment appears a white, stylized sun with 12 rays. The sun and moon on its flag suggest the existence of Nepal till the existence of the sun and the moon in the sky.The basic design of the flag is believed to be over 2000 years old.
3. The only game played in Nepal is "Elephant polo": Nepal has number of adventure sports to enjoy among them Elephant polo is one of the rare and adventures sport originated from Meghauli, Nepal. Every year Elephant polo tournament is been played in the airfield of Meghauli Chitwan. The World Elephant Polo Tournament features the best teams from around the world. Nepal, Scotland, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Thailand and India are among the participating nations.
2. World’s most extreme zip-line is in Nepal: The zip-line built at Sarangkot, Nepal is among the world’s longest, steepest and fastest zip-line. It covers about 2 kilometers down the cable with a fascinating view of the peaks like Machhapuchhre and Annapurna.
1. Value For Money: Value For Money If you compare Nepal's hiking trails to others such as Kilimanjaro or others trials, it's surprisingly affordable. Almost about $10 is enough for a day to have a good time in Nepal. And you can find a decent, clean hotel room for about $18.50. Furthermore, you can have a good shopping and collection of local products and goods for more than cheap rate you actually have thought.
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