Best 6 Nepali Apps Everyone Should Install
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Best 6 Nepali Apps Everyone Should Install

Use of the Internet in Nepal is growing rapidly along with the advancement in information and technology. The number of Smartphone users in Nepal are increasing day by day. Along with the increasing users many Nepalese apps have been developed regarding the different fields like News, Entertainment, Sports, and others.

As soon as we grab smartphone, one of the first things we do is open the apps of our need. Selecting the best apps among the pools of apps was really very difficult for me. Here at , I’ve spent hours curating the top Nepali Android apps for every purpose, and compiled them into one list. Without further delay, here are the list of Nepali apps that you most have in your smartphone.
Go through the list, share your opinion and suggest other Nepali apps that you like most.

1. Nepal Load-shedding Schedule
Nepal Loads-heeding apps burst on to the scene a couple of years ago and has grown to be one of the best Android apps in Nepal. Earlier it just was used to view and track daily load-shedding schedule but the latest version provides not only info related to light on/off but also provides breaking news and recent happening with the co-ordination among some of the national level online news portal.

Some of the Key Features are as listed below:-
  • 1. View Schedule offline once downloaded
  • 2. Power ON/OFF status with Remaining Time Countdown
  • 3. Smart Notifications before Power OFF/ON
  • 4. Search load-shedding GROUP by LOCATION
  • 5. Google Maps to find group using GPS
  • 6. Multiple Widgets - For Your Home ,Office , Shop e.t.c
  • 7. New Widget to view ALL 7 Groups Status
  • 8. Schedule in Nepali Language
  • 9. View Schedule with Date/Time in B.S/A.D
  • 10. Forward Schedule through SMS
  • 11. Auto Update of Schedule Changes
2. Hamro Patro
Hamro Patro the best "all in one apps" as it's tag line is more than good enough for those who are looking for a multiple features in one apps. Hamro Patro is a unique Nepali Calendar which includes current date/time, important events including holidays and festivals, and rituals. Moreover, it includes variety of features like FM Radio, Latest News, Information Blog, Foreign Exchange, Date Converter, Horoscope, Load-shedding Schedule and others.

3. Lok Sewa Nepal
If you have set up your mind for LokSewa Aayog Examination, than this apps is more than good enough for the preparation. It keep you up-to date with recent notices, latest happening and other updates. It has plenty of practice questions for different government posts such as Section Officer, Computer Engineer, Civil Engineer, NA-SU, Kharidar, Computer Officer, Computer Operator, Staff Nurse and so on. Moreover, one can easily evaluate his/her through online test and other materials.

Key Features of the apps:-
  • 1) Up to date notices from Lok Sewa
  • 2) Question bank of various subjects
  • 3) General Knowledge related articles and news
  • 4) Syllabus of various government related subjects
  • 5) Yearly Calendar and forms for entering into Lok Sewa
  • 6) Practice Questions for different government posts such as Section Officer, Computer Engineer, Civil Engineer, NA-SU, Kharidar, Computer Officer, Computer Operator, Staff Nurse
  • 7) Model Sets to improve time based learning
  • 8) Subjective Questions
  • 9) Login Feature to save analytics of model tests performed
  • 10) 13,000 + Questions on various topics
  • 11) Play Hangman (Learn by playing)
  • 12) Current Affairs section to stay updated
  • 13) Get Questions from Gorkhapatra published on Wednesday every week
  • 14) Discussion forum to get answers from experts, friends
  • 15) Weekly Current Affair Quiz to stay updated
  • 16) OFFLINE mode
4. Hospitals Nepal
Hospitals Nepal is a breakthrough in searching and getting better hospital services digitally. It helps us find doctors, hospitals and ambulance just with a touch. The good news is the app will be updated frequently, with added locations, hospitals and clinics too. The best news is, this app is absolutely free for the time being.

Key Features:-
  • Search Doctor via Name, Location or Specialist or even better by general terms like "teeth" for dentists.
  • Search among hundreds of hospital by name (may be partial or just some keys to it) or location. For example: you can search 'nor' which will likely bring Norvic OR you can search 'gon' and soon the hospitals located in Gongobu may slide in or Hospital named Gongotri. With every new character entered, updated search results appear. No need to wait until enter key is pressed.
  • Click the hospital you like to get information about: get the details like ticket price, open and close time, 24 hours emergency availability and different departments the hospital facilitates. Get to see which doctors are associated to that hospital.
  • You get 2 phone numbers to hospital (This is a hot line). To call any one, just touch the numbers and we will make your call. Easy to call, just touch the phone numbers.
  • If you do want to visit their web site for detailed information, we provide a link to the hospital in the same screen. Touch it. See it. (All hospitals may not have their own home pages)
  • If you want to know where the hospital is exactly, in google MAP, click the navigate button and you land on google maps showing the zoomed location of that hospital. Precision of location is around 3 meters.
  • All the ambulance service providers inside valley are enlisted. So, there's our emergency numbers. Again touch to call.
  • Most of it, the hospital app is meant to be viewed in offline mode. We all don’t have that WiFi connectivity everywhere and 3G costs a lot. You don’t need a working connection to use this app and benefit but you will need if you choose to see the location in Google maps.
5. Show Time Nepal Pro
If you are found of watching movies than Show Time Nepal Pro is the right apps of your choice. It helps to find new movies review, preview, showtime and schedule for now showing and upcoming movies. Moreover, it helps to browse the movies and theater along with booking facility from around different theaters of Nepal.

Different theaters covers:-
  • QFX Jai Nepal
  • QFX Kumari
  • QFX Civil Mall
  • FCUBE Cinemas
  • Big Movies
  • Q's Cinemas
  • Cine De Chef
  • Gopi Krishna Movies
  • Guna Cinemas, Gwarko
  • Asta Narayan, Balaju
Are you looking for a job in Nepal? is career management site which simplify Job Search in Nepal. It saves time and find work at your fingertips. provides career opportunities in top companies. Just Post your resume, search jobs and find your job around Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Bhairahawa. However, it needs to update it's old version with more features and boundaries. Apparently it is better to log on to the online job portal as it lacks many site features.

Other Nepali apps!

  • – NEPSE
  • – Drivers License Nepal
  • – Blood Members Nepal
  • – Nepali Patro
  • – nLocate
  • – Hamro Nepali Keyboard
  • – BaghChal
  • – Nepali Barnamala
  • – Nepali Dictionary - Offline
  • – ekantipur

You can share your opinion and suggest other Nepali apps in the below comment box !!!

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