Facts Behind Viral 24.9 Billion Pixel Chinese Satellite Image
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Facts Behind Viral 24.9 Billion Pixel Chinese Satellite Image

Chinese satellite image with 24.9 billion pixels or a super zoomable image is making buzz throughout several social media platforms and news websites these days. The 360-degree panoramic image is of Shanghai city and it can be zoomed to the point where one can clearly see pedestrians walking on the streets, their gesture and even the face. Moreover, the number plates of the moving vehicles, buildings and surroundings, and even the flowers blooming in the park can also be figured out without any difficulties.
Fact Behind Viral 24.9 Billion Pixel Chinese Satellite Image
The most mind blowing fact about this mesmerising image is that you just can keep zooming and the clarity and sharpness of the image remains the same or the quality of the image remains as it is.
If you haven't seen or just want to see yet again, tap the link below and ZOOM IN! Zoom in, Zoom in and keep zooming in, and I am sure, you will be amazed 😱

This viral image is said to be the result of new “quantum technology,” that is fitted in a Chinese satellite. However, this is not the way it's has been said or is viral for.

So now what is the truth behind this mesmerising viral image then? 

Well, initially we too were convinced (too a little bit) with this so called Chinese Quantum Satellite image and it's rumour. Thereafter we began to explore more about it and came to know the real fact behind this Viral image. We have gone through some detail research and have found out the real fact behind this mesmerising image. Go through below lines to explore the real fact.

No, It’s Not Taken From A Satellite!!!

The 360-degree panoramic image is of Shanghai City and has been captured by Jingkun Technology. It was captured from the Oriental Pearl Tower in China when Shanghai News Office invited it in 2015 to photograph the city. According to the company’s official website, the image is of 195 billion pixels and it reflects the beauty of Shanghai". From the date the image was public, it was able to attract lot of attention all over the world and received 8.2 million visits in 1 year.

Taking reference from the blog published in fossbytes.com, it can be said as the large pixel panorama image is a collection of many images that have been stitched together. All in all, No satellite has been used for capturing this image. Instead, it is a product of high-resolution cameras and image stitching technology.

What are your views on this super-zoomable image? Tell us in the comments below.
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