Rajesh Dai Humorous Facts
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Rajesh Dai Humorous Facts

Rajesh Hamal popularly known as Rajesh Dai is supposed to be one of the biggest actors in whole the Nepalese industry so far. I don't think Rajesh Dai needs to be introduced among the Nepalese.

Curious about the age of rajesh hamal? He was born on June 9, 1964. He is as of 2020, 56 years old.

Rajesh Hamal Facts

Here are the some of the Humorous Facts related to Rajesh Dai enjoy reading. You can adds yours in the comment box below.

1. When Rajesh dai was studying in Master level someone stole his rough note…. And now they call it as ………… Wikipedia :)

2. When Rajesh dai was a Student ! Teachers use to Bunk the classes!!!

3. Rajesh dai gave Mona Lisa that smile.

4. Most of the times Rajesh dai films were't shown in international level because the owner were fear about the loss to be caused by the roar of rajesh dai in the cinema hall.

5. Once Rajesh Dai has had his hair cut and today it is know as "JAGDAMBA STEELS" in South Asia.

6. Rajesh Dai can hack internet from calculator.

7. Billions year ago Rajesh Dai kicked a football once and till then the Earth started rotating.

8. A bus was badly damaged in a accident. Later, Police found that it has collided with bicycle rode by Rajesh Dai.

9. Finally Rajesh dai decided to donate his eyes to NASA (after his death) for making the HD telescope.

10. Words like awesomeness, brilliance, legendary etc. were added to the dictionary in the year 1949. That was the year Rajesh dai was born.

11. The Real Fact Earlier, if only the poster of the film used to include his photo, it was almost super duper hit before the show date.

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