Boost up your YouTube channel in the Smart Way 2019 | Make your YouTube channel ready for Monetization Quickly
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Boost up your YouTube channel in the Smart Way 2019 | Make your YouTube channel ready for Monetization Quickly

Started a YouTube channel recently and are you struggling to grow your YouTube channel and also eagerly waiting to monetize/start earning from it? Well than you have come to the right platform.

In this article, you will explore about how to make your YouTube channel ready for monetization quickly and also some useful tips to grow your channel.First in first, let me make you clear about the minimum requirements to be able to get monetized.

You should have:
  1. 1000 subscribers on your channel
  2. 4000 watch hours on your YouTube channel (in the past 12 months).
  3. a linked AdSense account from Google.
  4. country or region where the YouTube Partner Program is available.

YouTube will notify once you have meet the minimum criteria and will go into review process which generally takes from 2-4 weeks. Once you are approved you can monetized on your videos.

Boost up your YouTube channel in the Smart Way 2019 | Make your YouTube channel ready for Monetization Quickly

Boost up your YouTube channel in the Smart Way 2019

Know the Purpose of your YouTube Channel

First you should have the aim behind starting your YouTube channel. Reason behind it can be various. It is better to have a niche for your channel. The main purpose behind your YouTube channel can be to showcase your art, skill or even sharing a hobby. The purpose might be the way of making money through YouTube, Promoting your business. What ever might be the purpose it should be clear and well defined.

What to Upload on YouTube channel?

The contains you upload will define your future path. Some videos perform too good while other might not. Be patient, don't lose hope. Keep on experimenting with your contain. The most important is choosing your best niche for YouTube channel. Upload or focus on the YouTube trend and also you can focus on the similar topics that are booming in the YouTube market. Amaze and engage your audience in your channel and hold them with you for a long time.

What not to Upload on YouTube channel?

Once you dream of start YouTube channel you need to be real not fake. Only original contents will pleases YouTube. Similarly, contents that violets the YouTube policy will not only turn down your monetization but also will terminate your channel if repeated. Hate bullying, pornography contains, promotion of drugs, terrorism activities etc related channels comes against the YouTube policy.

Promote your channel

Once you upload videos on your YouTube channel you most make sure that the target audience gets notify about it. So share it on various social networks so as to attract more views to your channel and quality contain will help you to hold them. Similarly, giveaway and other's various offers will help to grow the channel's and of course the subscriber's.

Focus on Quality Contains

Upload quality and informative contains. So that the viewers will have reason to follow your channel and watch your videos. Audience will automatically get attracted to the reliable facts and views that are sure to brooder one's knowledge. It is better to upload videos continuously or at least one video per a week. You know need to have sophisticated cameras or video making and editing tools. You can also get a quality video shoot and effects through limited resources. But make sure you choose some good background music and pleasant editing effects and transitions for your videos. This will help to retain and attract new viewers.

Choosing the best niche for your channel

It is not a good idea to upload random videos, you should have a niche for your channel. It drives your YouTube channel/business. Audience will also accordingly flow in as per your channel niche. You can upload videos with the topics that interest you or as per the demand for the topics in the YouTube market. Similarly, you can also choose the trend and market preference.

Wondering to start a new channel here are some of the most popular and profitable topics that might get interested to:

  1. Vlogs
  2. Tech Videos
  3. Healthy Living
  4. Travel
  5. Gaming
  6. Product Reviews
  7. How To's
  8. Humor
  9. Tutorials
  10. Food
  11. Beauty
  12. Animals


In conclusion, Uploading videos to YouTube Channel randomly won’t be a good idea. It can't flourish your channels and also monetizing might not be obtained easily. The above guides and tools are for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are existing youtuber or a new one to YouTube platform. Implementation to these tools will make your content not only better but also will help you to sustain for an long run.

In addition to improving your YouTube channel performance, tools on this above blog will help you to boost up your YouTube channel in the Smart Way and also will make your YouTube channel ready for monetization Quickly and manage the way your YouTube channel gets disturbed.

In last you don’t need to use all these tools tomorrow, but over time, I recommend incorporating them into your YouTube Channel growth strategy.

How do you find this blog contain, please share and comment your thoughts in the below comment section?

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