IIFA award in Nepal: The Good and The Bad
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IIFA award in Nepal: The Good and The Bad

The controversy continued to brew on and off social media regarding the decision over government hosting the International Indian Films Academy Awards 2019 (IIFA Award) in Kathmandu, Nepal.

IIFA award in Nepal : The Good and The Bad,Controversy

Nepal to host the International Indian Films Academy Awards 2019 (IIFA Award) in Kathmandu. The 20th edition of the IIFA award has been schedule to begin at the end of August this year. The event will hold for 3 days.

International Indian Film Academy awards moves across the world every year, IIFA award venus in last 5 years.
2019 Kathmandu, Nepal*
2018 Bangkok, Thailand
2017 New Jersey, US
2016 Madrid, Spain
2015 Kuala Lumpur, Mal
2014 Tampa, US

IIFA organisers, Wizcraft International Entertainment says 40-50 percent of the cost of the entire project has to be funded by the host territory and the remaining is raised and invested by IIFA.

The controversy continued to brew on and off social media regarding the decision over government hosting the award events in Nepal agreeing to pay millions of rupees to make this event happen. A rally was also held at Maitighar Mandala to protest the planned event. A source has disclosed a total of 44 crore ( out tax money) fee supposed to be paid to the organiser from Nepal Government excluding other expenditures like logistics, transportation and security (airfare, hotel stay).

The Good

Let's begin with the event from Sri Lanka back in 2010. Sri Lankan Government Colombo Municipal Council spent 1.1 billion dollars and earned Rs.4.1 billion. Moreover, Thousands of Bollywood celebrities had spent money on shopping, partying, casinos, and the three-day event used 5000-6000 Hotel Room. Sources: Statistic, Wikipedia

Almost all the above listed host countries have a great positive impact on countries economy in long run.

As per the Nepal tourism board, this event will help Nepal position in international tourism market. Moreover, the talks have been going on with the organizer regarding the Nepal tourism promotion through the ads during the live show of the award function. The ads will certainly features Nepal as a pilgrimage, adventure and natural tourism destination. This will help Nepal position in international tourism market. The previous edition garnered more than 600 millions views from the 120 different countries.

More than 600+ guests will attend the event. Nepal will have to do air tickets, logistic, transportation, venus and security expense. This will also help to mobilize and generate employment opportunity.

Nepal has declared 'Visit Nepal Year 2020' with a aim for more than two millions tourist in the upcoming 2020. Direct involvement of high profile bollywood artists, producers, director, industrialists, traders and concerned authorities in this film award to be held on Kathmandu, Nepal will definitely help in promoting Nepal's tourism ahead of the upcoming 'Visit Nepal Year 2020'.

From the Social Media

The Bad

Various criticism have been draw out regarding the government's decision to host the International Indian Film Academy awards in Kathmandu, Nepal.

We can see people's criticism pouring over the social media regarding the government move to invest millions of rupees for a Bollywood awards show. Most of them suggest government to less priority this film award and invest in more productive sector.

Some of these criticism can be seen as below:-

In conclusion

IIFA award seems to have more positive aspects than that of it's negative side. However, in the past years, the visits of popular personalities and events like David Beckham visit to Bhaktapur, worldwide blockbuster Avengers's, Dr.Strange had shooting in Patan, Nepal. Did we work smartly to Promote Nepal as a destination for Heritage and Ancient city? Now we are investing our own money for IIFA awards. What's your view? Feel free to comment down below.

Note:- Parliamentary panel directs government not to host International Indian Film Academy Awards in Kathmandu.

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