16 Common Things Every Nepalese Practice in Daily Life
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16 Common Things Every Nepalese Practice in Daily Life

I have witness this society for more than 2 decades and since the day I remember every Nepalese have done these things at some point of their life, if not then I doubt on them. This blog simply includes the way we are.
Most importantly, being a close observer I have notice many common things done by every Nepalese including me and some of the most common things I have found are as listed below:-
1. We instantly like a person who belongs to our region or shares the same surname.
2. Most of the time while deciding for food to eat we go through whole the menu and finally we set our mind for a plate of Momo or Chowmein.
Momo & Chowmein.
3. While paying Bijuli ko bill, Petrol line, license renew, and all most being for any queue, Most of us tend to switch line as the other line is always shorter for us.
Pic: Guardian

4. With so many religions and cultures existing side by side, it's rare for a fortnight to go by without some sort of events.
Pic: Onlinekhabar
5. Even if we come back home full of stomach, we can't afford to go bed without having a plate of Daal Bhat.
Nepalese Dish Daal Bhat
Pic: Countries.com
6. There are people seeking for faults in others and then correcting them or basically giving them a piece of advice. So, one should be more careful while speaking in English with other Nepalese rather than speaking English with foreigner. (Mostly regarding grammar, pronunciation, tense and bla bla bla… whether in daily life or in Facebook status or comment :P)
7. Loving the Nation and helping each other in need is the most common thing practiced in Nepalese Society.
I believe it really correlate with our life. Please share the post if it relates with you.
Pic: Economist
8. We do not take off plastic seat covers from our new bike or car the whole year and if possible not even after that.
9. Most of us make an excuse of being in traffic for arriving late even when we are travelling by foot.
10. Whenever anyone sees the slipper upside down, it is instantly fixed.
11. Every third person is a game expert or pundit, if the Nepalese Football or Cricket teams fail to win a match. However, we enjoy watching it more than being pundits.
12. Knowing or Unknowing we indirectly are protecting the environment, How?? Don't you re-use and re-use and re-use everything including plastic bags, toothbrush, cardboard boxes, Water bottle, old clothes (mainly in kitchen), and so on.
13. We don’t mind throwing trash on the roadside because it is so dirty anyway.
Pic: BBC
14. We move an hour earlier than it actually takes to adjust the traffic. I.e. get out from home at 9 instead of 10 to settle the traffic.
15. Whenever we read the newspaper we do not miss the Horoscope section.
16. Cursing a country at least once when we have to deal with problem for a work exist here. Nepal ma khei hudaina!!! Or Sati ley sarape ko desh!!
If you are smiling right now reading this post why not to share it with yours friends.
These all things often amuse me, sometime irritate me and rarely surprise me.
Add yours in comment box below if you find any other common thing found in Nepalese community.

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