10 Good Short Nepali Movies On YouTube
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10 Good Short Nepali Movies On YouTube

Short films are not shown in theaters. But, lately, the short film has garnered a large audience in many digital mediums like YouTube and Vimeo all around the world.

Watch Best Short Nepali Movies On YouTube

In the case of Nepal, The number of Nepali short films is gradually increasing. Various awards and participating in various festivals are continuously increasing.

Some of the best Nepali short films available on youtube are listed below.

Savitri, Director: Sujit Vidari

The film 'Savitri' portraits the subtle psychology of female characters. Savitri (Keki Adhikari) is a typist in an office. Savitri is impressed by another male co-worker. But the married Savitri pretends to hide her feelings.

On the other hand, Savitri's husband being unemployed and begging for money from Savitri has made her sad. Meanwhile, some dramatic events take place and the film takes Savitri and the audience to another level. Watch the movie to know what that mode will be like.

ā¤Žā¤˛ाā¤Žी | Malamee Director: Suvarna Thapa

'Malamee' has shown the dire situation of the village as there are no youths in the village to pick up the body after the death of the lone old man. The film satirizes the social norms by showing the compassionate state of loneliness till death. There are only old people, women and children. Two women from the same village insist on carrying the body, Villagers reprimands them saying that they are trying to break the tradition.

The 20-minute film 'Malamee' is based on Sarubhakta's play 'Malami'. It was also aired on the national television of France. It has been screened in many international festivals and even won awards.

About a Girl, Director: Manish Niraula

About a Girl, this is a film about sexual abuse. Neha is the main character of the film. She travels to the college by public bus been sexually abused. Unable to speak her mind at home, she is living in a state of shock.

ā¤¤िā¤°्ā¤–ा | Tirkha | Director: Bhavsagar Ghimire

The film 'Tirkha' talks about the story of such a student who has to go to school every day after only finishing their homework. Bhavsagar has presented that haste and pressure through 'Preeti' (character) in a touching way. There is no dialogue in the film. Much can be learned from the activities of the main characters and the surrounding scenes.

'Tirkha' is a film screened and awarded at various national and international festivals, including Kimff: Kathmandu International Film Festival.

Punte Ko Pangro / Punte's Wheel Director: Sachin Ghimire

Punte Ko Pangro, this film exposes child psychology. Punte the main character of the story keeps on rolling around in a wheel which is shown in an interesting style.

The film captures the child's struggle to get what he wants, the frustration of not getting what he wants, and the excitement of getting what he wants. Punte's desire to move from small wheels to big wheels is symbolically linked to people's desire to find something new and more.

ā¤Ŧाā¤Ŧु (Babu), Director: Eelam Dixit

'Babu' is the story of Raju and his family who love their family even though they are not interested in reading. The film, which tells the story of social context and child psychology, also shows the thinking of three different generations of a family.

It shows the economic and family crisis after the 2015 earthquake, from foreign employment to the love between children. Despite being a serious subject, the funny incident has made the film enjoyable.

The Contagious Appearance of Dumbare Dendrites, Directed by: Vibhushan Basnet and Pooja Gurung

Dambare, the main character in the film portrays the character of street children and their habits and lifestyle. He is addicted to dendrites. The illusion and mood of Dambare sniffing intoxicating gum is interestingly portrayed in the film.

This is a popular and acclaimed film that addresses social issues with the help of 'Fantasy'.In this journey to a different world, the film tells the ruthless story of the characters who survived in addiction and deprivation.

Thirsty, Director: Anil Neupane

The film begins with a talk between two friends. Though they have different views, these two like-minded friends walk a short distance during the journey and get lost.

The film is tied to a complex thread of past and present. The film manages to entertain as well as inform. The enchanting view of the mountains taken from the drone, the fog and mist, and the dim color according to the genre of the film have made 'Thirsty' worth watching.

Bholi Dekhi Chhodi Dinchhu, Director: Vikas Baraili

Filled with bullying, innocence, and confession, the film tells the story of a young man addicted to drugs. Addiction is a major problem in the society which causes economic, mental and criminal problems in the society. Some die young. An innocent life is ruined before giving up these habits.

Maya, Director: Bhimsen Lama

The main theme of the film is the story of the life of these characters when they have to wander around in search of food and a roof to hide their heads.

The 15-minute film has won many awards. The involvement of foreign technicians in the film has also strengthened its technical side.

Feel free to share this with your friends and family and do leave a comment below which one you like the most.

PS: This list of best Nepali Short Movies is listed randomly.

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